Progressive Educational Changes Begin with Attentive Leadership of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has advocated for advancing educational opportunities to students across the United States for almost three decades. As the newest U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy now has the platform needed to elevate those advocacy aspirations on a national level. She was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on February 7, 2017 after a courageous effort to bring forth the education awareness she believes will benefit all American children and their families. Betsy was nominated because of her fortitude towards education equality and leadership abilities to bring progressive changes to the education system.

Betsy worked alongside parents of children in Grand Rapids, Michigan within the public school system for over 15 years. In that time, she served in an advocacy role as a mentor to children who were considered at-risk, due to their parent’s lower economic status. Betsy’s commitment for bringing changes to the education system grew as she became more involved with the teachers, students, and their families. Her work evolved into a platform that she has said changed the course of her life and propelled her into the education system forever. Check her website for more info at

As a daughter of a public school teacher, Betsy has witnessed first-hand the importance of the supporting role of leaders within the educational system. After becoming a parent and subsequent parent of school-age children, Betsy challenged herself to become more involved in the education of other children to make a positive difference in their lives. Betsy’s core mission is to bring a reality for all children throughout America to receive quality education as a right and not as a privilege.

Betsy Devos has worked with all leaders within the education system, from school administrators to school boards to gauge the needs of students and understanding the infrastructure that is preventing progress. She has championed the efforts on behalf of those who require help in advancing greater education and supports the need for charter programs throughout the country. Betsy sees this innovative choice as an exciting 21st century step in closing the enormous gap among lower income families and building a better future for children.

As Secretary of Education, Betsy’s leadership for guiding the nation towards a unified and progressive level will be a high achievement. Betsy’s leadership is seen by many as one of the strongest attributes she offers to the public. She has served on the board of several national charitable and civic organizations. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Betsy and her husband Dick, founded the Windquest Group, which invests in technological advancements, manufacturing and clean energy reform. Betsy has served as Chairman for the privately held company, and she has led an active role in pursuing innovative solutions for investing within industries that make a positive difference.

The Inspirational Life of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur from the city of Dallas, Texas. He is known for working with other successful people to help young people and the inexperienced realize success. His recent involvement in this initiative is with another entrepreneur called Lynne Sipiora and they are currently involved in a project called Spark Tank initiative. With this organization, Spark Tank donates grants and mentors other people in the society such as non-profit organizations on how to succeed. The Sparks Tank initiative is open to philanthropic groups within and they will receive a $5,000 grant that they will use in their endeavors to change the society they live in.


The second Spark Tank initiative was won by the Mommies in Need. Marc Sparks released this statement during a press conference and said he was honored to have changed the lives of people in one way or the other. He said that Mommies in Need was awarded as it cared for families that cannot afford caregivers for their children. The organization is known to offer these services without charging the families. On their part, they said that they were honored to have been named the winners. The organization said that it would use the funds to hire a bilingual nanny who will also be trained to handle the needs of children with special needs. This information was released by Natalie Boyle who is the founder and chief executive officer of this institution.


However, Marc Sparks said that for organizations to qualify for this grant, they must be two years old and fall under the 501c3 category. His initiate provides participants with 10 minutes to explain their idea. This is then followed by a 10-minute questions session by the judging panel. Among the judges who sit on this panel is the man himself, Marc Sparks. Learn more:


Outside philanthropy, Marc Sparks runs his businesses in telecommunications where he has a special interest. For instance, he has stakes in Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom as well as Blue Jay Wireless. He is a man of many portfolios that range from business solutions, venture capitalism, and real estate. At the moment, he serves as the chief executive officer of an institution called Timber Creek Capital. The entrepreneur is also a writer and publisher. Mark Sparks has published a book called They Can’t Eat You to talk about success. Despite failing in high school, Marc Sparks managed to beat all odds and succeed in life.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Keep InnovaCare Health at the Leading Edge of Healthcare Reform

InnovaCare Health is setting the bar high to ensure that all their patients needs are being met and handled properly with the exceptional quality as well as efficiency that is needed from the healthcare professionals as well as the support needed by the insurance companies for Medicare and Medicaid. Their ultimate goal is to ensure quality of life in all of their patients.

Currently, Rick Shinto has experience in healthcare for more than 20 years. He has offered his knowledge through the use of clinical as well as operational healthcare by using his experience and knowledge to transform how healthcare is handled. Before Rick Shinto took the CEO position at InnovaCare Health, Shinto was the chief operating officer for the Medical Pathways Management Company. He also held onto the job of Vice President for medical management for MedPartners. It was then that he made the transition to chief medical officer for NAMM of California. He has his degrees in pulmonary as well as internal organs.

Rick Shinto earned his bachelors for Science at the University of California as well as a medical degree from the New York State University. He has his M.B.A. from the Redlands University as well as having some of his work published in the healthcare field as well as with clinical medicine.

The InnovaCare Health systems current Chief Administrative officer is Penelope Kokkinides. She was previously the chief operating officer and VP of Clinical Operations for InnovaCare. She holds more than 20 years within the experience of healthcare as well as with knowledge of medicare and Medicaid programs. She holds skills that help to extend programs as well as processes that are aimed at making life better for the patients involved with InnovaCare. She hopes to make the programs of Medicaid and Medicare more efficient.

Learn more:

Before she started with InnovaCare she held onto positions like Executive VP and Chief operating officer for the company Centerflight HealthCare. It was within this company that she worked to take care of the managed care division as well as to oversee the overall structure of the operations for the company. She also worked for another company known as TouchStone Health where she acted as the corporate VP of Care Management and Disease management for the AmeriChoice business. This is a health plan aimed at the UnitedHealth Group.

With great minds like Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides working for InnovaCare Health systems, it is no wander why the company is leading the way in healthcare reform. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch.

The Communications Provider for Correctional Facilities, Securus Technologies

Securus is the American profit-oriented company that is providing services to the prisoners, and they are situated in Carrollton, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They have managed to employ almost 1,000 people with contracts in over 2,600 prisons in the United States. Among the facilities, there are permanent clients approximately 2,200 that extend up to Canada. They have in the last one year added 600 million dollars that were going to add their potential in technology, purchases, and copyrights for the next three years.


Securus Technologies was formed by two mother companies that came together in June of 2007. They then got the international brand leader in Offender Management Systems. In the prisons, they can track illegal and contraband mobile phones that have been smuggled into the facilities. Last year, the Securus Managed Access Solutions was given the go ahead by the states’ Department of Corrections facilities to offer their services. They have aligned with Harris Corporation on the technology known as Cell Defender and lately (2017), they will have a Wireless Containment Solution that will be mostly beneficial in preventing fake phones from getting services within the facilities.


They are responsible for parolee tracking services when they are freed from prisons, and they provide the government with information about where the parolees have been. When we combine the three countries that they serve, Mexico, Canada and USA, they give services to over three million inmates. Securus are proud to be the leading company incomplete, state-of-the-art technology services that respond fast to the clients and are in good terms with the state and federal governments.


As they execute their services in the three countries, they are reviewed and praised by the clients. The CEO Richard Smith says that they have a lot of feedback from their users regarding the services that they give. The emails and letters are so many, but they mostly talk about how their services are affecting the society positively and giving hope to the families of the inmates. The prisoners, parolees and their relatives say they are safe and secure in their whereabouts.


Selected comments that the company has received over time are about how their communications have helped in settling some cases. The phone calls in some cases have been tapped and used as evidence to arrest criminals.


Clients talk about how the partnership with LBS software and Investigator Pro has made assets that are worth millions, got illegal drugs and cash. With the technology, facility owners would not have got the contraband. Inmates who are plotting to tell lies can be intercepted as they say the one to testify how they are supposed to talk.


Many users talk about how the company is increasing its capability in technology solutions, their futuristic vision that will raise the jail security and how reporting data has given measures that monitor contraband in the prison facilities.


Thoughts of Oncology by Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blgosklonny is a renowned scientist in the field of Aging as well as cancer. It is for this reason that he is the reason that he is certified Oncology Professor at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine which he obtained from the Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he underwent his studies. This is in addition to having a Ph.D. from the same institution in the field of Environmental Medicine and Cardiology. He became an associate professor of medicine in the year 2002 at the Medical College of New York which is located in Valhalla, New York. Later on, he proceeded to work as a senior scientist in Ordway Research Institute. In the year 2009, Mikhail became the Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he served earlier on at a different level. He became an outstanding professor due to the knowledge, skills, and experience he had obtained earlier on in the variety of places. He had some research interests which protects the well-working cells from damage.


He is currently working as the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget as well as Cell Cycle. Also, he is the associate editor for cancer therapy and biology. He is also a member of the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. He established a hypothesis in line with TOR Signaling potential task regarding cancer and aging. He facilitated his proposal through the use of Rapamycin which is a common drug useful in cancer treatment. He proposed it as a potential handling for lie extension. It is for this reason that Mikhail Blagosklonny is among the leading passionate supporters of Rapamycin in sustainable research. The research by Mikhail varies from molecular and cellular biology to clinical studies. It primarily consists of oncogenesis, cell cycle, apoptosis as well as anticancer therapeutics.

Mikhail is a writer of the theory of aging hyperfunction. He is also an author of chemotherapeutic engineering as well as cell cyclotherapy. Mikhail is famous for his outstanding oncological interest. He is a believer in the possibility of controlling cancer and aging as well as the fact that there is a cure for cancer and thus proposed the utilization of Rapamycin. The secret behind being among the leading successful researchers in the world is behind his commitment, love for humanity, hard work and the aspiration to have a community free of diseases. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Mikhail is an excellent writer for having written book chapters, reviews, and about 300 research articles whose publishing is done under his name. Mikhail Blgosklonny currently serves as an associate editor for International Cancer Journal, PLOS ONE, and the American Pathology Journal.

Roberto Santiago Reveals Secrets behind Manaira’s Massive Success

Businesses in Brazil have suffered moments of economic crisis in the recent times, which has resulted in significant drop in profit margins for most businesses. While most of these firms were crying foul of the worsening business environment, shopping malls seem to have devised means of absorbing the shock. A recent study conducted by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers pointed out that business activity in shopping malls remains unaffected with some malls growing by the day. Read more on

About Manaira Shopping Mall

One such shopping mall is the Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall, which thrives even in the challenging business environment and continues to expand each year. The mall, which opened the doors in 1989, has been the talk of the town for years now. It has become a reference when it comes to entertainment, shopping, and Brazilian delicacies and even in other social amenities.

The mall is located in the North East of Brazil, and it is one of the five largest commercial centers in the region. The Manaira shopping mall has become a favorite of most people in the capital city of Joao Pessoa where it is located. The mall also receives shoppers from across the country and also international travelers visiting Brazil.

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping features several entertainment joints with the most modern movie theater that display the most recent movies using modern technology. These theaters are also equipped with modern equipment, party room, bowling alley, electronic games, and music academies. Manaira shopping mall also has numerous other facilities such as banks and even a university.

Manaira shopping mall has undergone more than five expansions since it was established by the Brazilian investor, Roberto Santiago in 1989. The mall has been very instrumental in the growth of the region by bringing a lot of visitors who usually come to shop and have fun. Other small businesses have been established in the neighborhood, and they are doing well.

Manaira shopping mall is strategically situated in the center of the beaches of the north coast in the city of Joao Pessoa. It has 280 stores with an average of 75,000sq meters of Gross Lettable area. What makes the mall stand out from the other shopping centers in the region is its versatility. Roberto Santiago built the mall with the picture of a family in his mind. It was planned to guarantee the satisfaction of the whole family. Visit for more info.

Roberto’s contribution to the mall

Roberto Santiago, who has been in the business for more than three decades now, has been very instrumental in ensuring that the mall is valuable to the modern shopper. He has reinvented the mall severally to keep up with the needs of modern-day buyers. The reinvention has helped to keep them in business with the mall performing better than other shopping enterprises in the region.

Wen Give Incredible Hair That Is Healthy And Free Of Damage

Over the last several years, no-poo shampoos have become increasingly popular because they do a great job of cleaning the hair of dirt, debris, and environmental pollutants without stripping the hair of its natural oils. The natural oil of the hair helps to protect the cuticle from damage and breakage. When the natural oils are removed, the cuticle of the hair becomes rough and causes frizzy damaged hair that lacks shine and can become unmanageable. Cleansing conditioners work with the hair using natural ingredients that leave hair healthy, shiny, and manageable. People are realizing that they should ditch their old shampoo that is probably full of harmful chemicals and ingredients such as sulfates that damage hair.

One of the best no-poo shampoos on the market is the original cleansing conditioner Wen. Wen was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean to help clean his celebrity client’s hair without causing damage. He knew that he had to create a cleanser that did not lather and was free of harmful chemicals. Chaz Dean used natural oils and botanicals to make Wen. Once the world saw the incredible things that Wen did for his clients, the rest of the world had to have Wen too.

Wen Hair has become a household name and can be found all over the country at most large salons and big box retail stores. Wen gives the user clean and healthy hair naturally. No more frizz or breakage, just naturally beautiful hair that looks better than ever before. People notice when you stop using traditional shampoo and begin using Wen. It will be manageable and hold its style more naturally.

Buy WEN Products on

George Soros Accelerates his Fights against the Divisive Political Leadership

George Soros, the Forbes billionaire and a well-known philanthropist, is on a mission to fight against the divisive political leadership. He worked with non-profit organizations and donated at least $10 million to fight against the hate crimes reported during and after the U.S. Presidential Election 2016. Soros is a strong critic of divisive policies and hate crimes as he considers that it can create far-reaching consequences in the American community. It is the reason he campaigned against President Donald during the Presidential Election. Soros donated more than $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other candidates of Democratic Party to defeat Trump. It was not surprising considering his strong protest against the inefficient and unclear policies of Trump and the deep divisions created by Trump’s campaigns. It was the first time Soros went for contribution extravaganza in politics after he made a spending spree of $27 million in 2004 election to defeat the then President George W. Bush, considering the Iraq War. Learn more:

George Soros is known for his bulk philanthropic contributions, and he has contributed at least $13 billion in the last three decades. It should be noted that the hedge manager cum billionaire has fortunes worth $25.2 billion which he acquired mostly through risky currency trade business. George Soros is a key contributor to election reform organizations as well and contributed to $5 million to a PAC named Immigrant Voters Win that is working to ensure higher voter turnout in Hispanic voters. He also donated another $5 million Voting Rights Trust, a group working against the restrictive voting efforts by conservatives. His majority of generous contributions are focusing on addressing the human right issues around the world and democratization processing in Eastern Europe and across the world. Soros is the front runner in supporting the mission of End Citizens United, a PAC that is working to make legislation to control the unaccounted and uncontrolled cash flow into the election process. He donated $5000 to the PAC – the maximum allowed amount by an individual – to support its mission. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Soros is from a Hungarian Jewish family who migrated to London after the Second World War. He completed his graduation from London School of Business and started his career with a merchant bank. Soros later moved to New York and began working as a stock broker at the Wall Street. In 1969, Soros started his hedge fund named Quantum Fund, which later renamed as Soros Fund Management after some transformation. His fund management firm currently holds assets worth $30 billion. In 1992, Soros shortened the British Pound when he moved out funds worth $10 billion, and finally, it led to the collapse of Bank of England. It profited him more than $1 billion and gave a nickname called “the man who cracked the Bank of England.”

Read more about George’s life story at

Vijay Eswaran: Successful Businessman And Caring Philanthropist

The QI Group is one of the most successful multilevel marketing companies in Asia. It has annual revenues in excess of $750 million a year and a presence in about 30 countries. A major reason for the company’s success is the work of co-founder and company chairman Vijay Eswaran.

A native of Malaysia, Eswaran learned about multilevel marketing while going to school in England and the United States in the 1980s. He co-founded the QI Group when he returned to Asia in 1998 after spending many years working with top companies like IBM. At that point he was ready to make his mark.

When Eswaran was approached by the Cosway Group and asked about his interest in starting a direct sales company in the Philippines, he embraced the opportunity. Even though Asia was in the midst of an economic downturn, Eswaran was able to recruit hordes of highly motivated independent sales representatives to take the products the QI Group offered all over the continent. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

The high quality products being offered at affordable prices attracted countless customers. Within a few years everyone associated with the QI Group was prospering and their customer base was growing exponentially.

Vijay Eswaran’s philanthropic efforts have played a major role in the company’s continued success. Eswaran creation the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation to provide support for some of the struggling people in the region. The organizations funds educational, environmental, artistic, cultural and social activities for a number of communities throughout the region.

These efforts have helped to improve the quality of life for a growing number of people. The foundations also finance charitable activities to benefit individuals and organizations.

The economic opportunities and charitable work for which Vijay Eswaran is responsible have made him a much beloved figure. He has received many awards and accolades for business and philanthropy from organizations throughout Asia.

They include a Lifetime Achievement award he received at the World Chinese Economic Forum and the 2012 New Global Indian Award. Vijay Eswaran explained he was humbled by the recognition and credited his parents for teaching him the importance of helping others.

Hussain Sajwani, the Hero of Housing

Hussain Ali Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DMAC Properties, a development firm based in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties is one of the largest property development firms in the Middle East. He was a key player in the real estate expansion in Dubai. His major corporation, DMAC Properties, has joined forces with some exciting players in the United States.

Hussain Ali Sajwani has partnered with Tiger Woods and Donald Trump to launch the construction of a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by The Trump Organization.

The luxury golf course is amazing, it stands 7,205 yards wide! President Donald Trump can be seen on billboards promoting the course in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties organization have partnered with leaders in the fashion and lifestyle world to create magnificent luxury hotels.

The project took shape with the likes of Italian designers Fendi and Versace. The opulent living spaces were styled by Bugatti. The line of hotels and apartments are luxury style villas for affluent upper-class individuals with a taste for art and decadence.

Hussain Sajwani is an amazing individual. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington in 1981. Soon after, he started his own catering company. He has dedicated his life to expertise in the world of architectural design and development.

He has given an insurmountable amount of money to philanthropic causes like media and children. He is the main benefactor to the popular Middle Eastern news outlet Al Jazeira. Hussain Sajwani Family has donated resources to causes that help feed children and find underprivileged members of society find homes.

The Damac owner lives a very happy life with his lovely family. The Hussain Sajwani family consists of Hussain Sajwani, his wife, and four children.