Bruno Fagali – How To Select A Law Firm Or Lawyer

Looking for a good lawyer to advice or guide you? Before you choose a lawyer, make sure you do your home work. The decision whether or not to hire your potential lawyer depends on how much confidence you have in the lawyer’s ability to handle your case effectively. During your consultation you’ll be able to find out crucial information about the lawyer and his practice. Use the information you’ve gathered to help you in making your decision.

Before the consultation, write down important points to discuss with the attorney. Make sure you have the names and contact details of everyone involved in the case. Also, provide all documents that pertain to the case. Keep in min, attorneys are busy professionals and may not have the time to review the documents before your appointment date.

It is important to find out about other cases that the attorney has handled. You’ll want to choose an attorney who has represented clients in cases similar to yours.

Bruno Fagali speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Bruno Fagali has a law firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil and admires getting involved in social causes. He has been practice for years and has a good understanding of administrative law, regulatory law and urban law.


Bruno Fagali fight zealously for his clients, and takes appropriate steps to ensure their rights are protected. Bruno Fagali strives for the highest quality representation and often gets the best possible results for his clients.

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Julie Zuckerberg, Expert Recruiter And Talent Acquisition Lead At Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who knows all too well the workings of the world of talent acquisition and recruiting. As the talent acquisition and recruiting head of Deutsche Bank, Julie has risen to be one of the top recruiters in the field. With her tremendous hard work and dedication to her career, Julie has surpassed all her competitors during her rise to the top.


Julie has been working with Deutsche Bank for the past three years. She had led her team of expert recruiters who have been trained by her and who take care of all of Julie’s on-site recruitment matters. By doing so, she has led numerous recruiting seasons with her expert guidance and assisted Deutsche Bank in all their human resource needs. Also, she also takes care of various training programs for the employees at Deutsche Bank. Through her tremendous work experience, she helps employees develop the skills they would need to advance in their fields. She mainly helps them develop their leadership skills so that one day they too can rise to the position as a team leader and progress in their careers. Also, Julie also undertakes numerous activities with the managerial staff of the company. She assists the top level executives in various matters which she has expertise in and also handles all the negotiations that Deutsche Bank has to undertake with their clients.


Through her extensive career, Julie has been at the forefront of numerous recruitment programs for various top organizations. She has helped companies recruit employees in fields ranging from finance to technology. Her team of highly trained recruiters handle all the recruitment day procedures and further assist the business or client in their talent acquisition needs. Through working with so many different organizations, Julie has had the privilege of meeting some of the top professionals of companies. It was through meeting these people that Julie gained a lot of knowledge about the workings of various businesses and their needs, something which proved extremely useful in the application of the talent acquisition process. She has also been mentored by some of the top talent acquisition leads when she was still in the early stages of her career.


Julie stumbled upon the field of talent acquisition much after completing her graduation. She had initially decided to get a major in philosophy, but later switched to law and attained a degree from New York Law College. Her first job was working to place lawyers and paralegals in law firms, which combined her knowledge of the law and interest in recruitments.


In the past, Julie Zuckerberg has held numerous top-level positions which have contributed to her enormous growth in her career. Julie serves as the Vice President and Recruiting Lead for Citi, a position she held for six years. Being tasked with numerous complex and demanding positions is what has given Julie a better understanding of companies, this helping her assist them in recruitments better. She also served as the Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company before she joined Deutsche Bank.