Hussain Sajwani, the Hero of Housing

Hussain Ali Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DMAC Properties, a development firm based in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties is one of the largest property development firms in the Middle East. He was a key player in the real estate expansion in Dubai. His major corporation, DMAC Properties, has joined forces with some exciting players in the United States.

Hussain Ali Sajwani has partnered with Tiger Woods and Donald Trump to launch the construction of a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by The Trump Organization.

The luxury golf course is amazing, it stands 7,205 yards wide! President Donald Trump can be seen on billboards promoting the course in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties organization have partnered with leaders in the fashion and lifestyle world to create magnificent luxury hotels.

The project took shape with the likes of Italian designers Fendi and Versace. The opulent living spaces were styled by Bugatti. The line of hotels and apartments are luxury style villas for affluent upper-class individuals with a taste for art and decadence.

Hussain Sajwani is an amazing individual. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington in 1981. Soon after, he started his own catering company. He has dedicated his life to expertise in the world of architectural design and development.

He has given an insurmountable amount of money to philanthropic causes like media and children. He is the main benefactor to the popular Middle Eastern news outlet Al Jazeira. Hussain Sajwani Family has donated resources to causes that help feed children and find underprivileged members of society find homes.

The Damac owner lives a very happy life with his lovely family. The Hussain Sajwani family consists of Hussain Sajwani, his wife, and four children.

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