George Soros Accelerates his Fights against the Divisive Political Leadership

George Soros, the Forbes billionaire and a well-known philanthropist, is on a mission to fight against the divisive political leadership. He worked with non-profit organizations and donated at least $10 million to fight against the hate crimes reported during and after the U.S. Presidential Election 2016. Soros is a strong critic of divisive policies and hate crimes as he considers that it can create far-reaching consequences in the American community. It is the reason he campaigned against President Donald during the Presidential Election. Soros donated more than $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other candidates of Democratic Party to defeat Trump. It was not surprising considering his strong protest against the inefficient and unclear policies of Trump and the deep divisions created by Trump’s campaigns. It was the first time Soros went for contribution extravaganza in politics after he made a spending spree of $27 million in 2004 election to defeat the then President George W. Bush, considering the Iraq War. Learn more:

George Soros is known for his bulk philanthropic contributions, and he has contributed at least $13 billion in the last three decades. It should be noted that the hedge manager cum billionaire has fortunes worth $25.2 billion which he acquired mostly through risky currency trade business. George Soros is a key contributor to election reform organizations as well and contributed to $5 million to a PAC named Immigrant Voters Win that is working to ensure higher voter turnout in Hispanic voters. He also donated another $5 million Voting Rights Trust, a group working against the restrictive voting efforts by conservatives. His majority of generous contributions are focusing on addressing the human right issues around the world and democratization processing in Eastern Europe and across the world. Soros is the front runner in supporting the mission of End Citizens United, a PAC that is working to make legislation to control the unaccounted and uncontrolled cash flow into the election process. He donated $5000 to the PAC – the maximum allowed amount by an individual – to support its mission. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Soros is from a Hungarian Jewish family who migrated to London after the Second World War. He completed his graduation from London School of Business and started his career with a merchant bank. Soros later moved to New York and began working as a stock broker at the Wall Street. In 1969, Soros started his hedge fund named Quantum Fund, which later renamed as Soros Fund Management after some transformation. His fund management firm currently holds assets worth $30 billion. In 1992, Soros shortened the British Pound when he moved out funds worth $10 billion, and finally, it led to the collapse of Bank of England. It profited him more than $1 billion and gave a nickname called “the man who cracked the Bank of England.”

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