The Communications Provider for Correctional Facilities, Securus Technologies

Securus is the American profit-oriented company that is providing services to the prisoners, and they are situated in Carrollton, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. They have managed to employ almost 1,000 people with contracts in over 2,600 prisons in the United States. Among the facilities, there are permanent clients approximately 2,200 that extend up to Canada. They have in the last one year added 600 million dollars that were going to add their potential in technology, purchases, and copyrights for the next three years.


Securus Technologies was formed by two mother companies that came together in June of 2007. They then got the international brand leader in Offender Management Systems. In the prisons, they can track illegal and contraband mobile phones that have been smuggled into the facilities. Last year, the Securus Managed Access Solutions was given the go ahead by the states’ Department of Corrections facilities to offer their services. They have aligned with Harris Corporation on the technology known as Cell Defender and lately (2017), they will have a Wireless Containment Solution that will be mostly beneficial in preventing fake phones from getting services within the facilities.


They are responsible for parolee tracking services when they are freed from prisons, and they provide the government with information about where the parolees have been. When we combine the three countries that they serve, Mexico, Canada and USA, they give services to over three million inmates. Securus are proud to be the leading company incomplete, state-of-the-art technology services that respond fast to the clients and are in good terms with the state and federal governments.


As they execute their services in the three countries, they are reviewed and praised by the clients. The CEO Richard Smith says that they have a lot of feedback from their users regarding the services that they give. The emails and letters are so many, but they mostly talk about how their services are affecting the society positively and giving hope to the families of the inmates. The prisoners, parolees and their relatives say they are safe and secure in their whereabouts.


Selected comments that the company has received over time are about how their communications have helped in settling some cases. The phone calls in some cases have been tapped and used as evidence to arrest criminals.


Clients talk about how the partnership with LBS software and Investigator Pro has made assets that are worth millions, got illegal drugs and cash. With the technology, facility owners would not have got the contraband. Inmates who are plotting to tell lies can be intercepted as they say the one to testify how they are supposed to talk.


Many users talk about how the company is increasing its capability in technology solutions, their futuristic vision that will raise the jail security and how reporting data has given measures that monitor contraband in the prison facilities.


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