Despite detractors Securus Technologies’ proves its tech can prevent crime

Every industry has bitter rivalries. But few have rivalries more pronounced than that which exists between the prison communication industy’s giants, Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link. For years, the companies have traded jabs back and forth. These have included filing lawsuits and making derogatory claims in the press against each other.


Securus has sustained the vast majority of these assaults. But even despite all of the negative things that its chief competitor at said against it, Securus continues to prove its technologies by implementing them in over 3,500 penal institutions across the United States. One of its most successful technologies has been its video visitation suite. This is proving to be a major hit with both inmates and guards alike, allowing for cheap video visitation calls to and from prisons, saving inmates and their families thousands of dollars per year.


But this technology has also been extremely popular with guards due to its ability to reduce the number of visitations that inmates schedule each year as well as being able to give inmates a sense of hope and a strong incentive to say on their best behavior. Since the implementation of the system in prisons throughout the United States, it has been shown that prisons where the system has been installed have seen dramatic reductions in inmate violations of prison rules as well as a reduction in criminal activity overall. This not only makes guards jobs easier, it also makes the prison environment safer for both staff and inmates. Securus video visitation is not just a mere convenience, it saves lives.


This is just one example of many technologies that Securus is developing in its fight against crime within prisons throughout the United States. It is a company with a proven track record of developing some of the most innovative and effective solutions for prison staff seeking to keep their institutions safe and secure.


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