Monthly Archives: October 2018

Jeremy Goldstein’s Expertise in Executive Compensation

Most corporations have stopped to provide stock options to their employees in the recent years. The reasons for this act range from saving money, to more complex ideas. Three primary challenges persuade the firms to stop the stock options. The employees may find it impossible to exercise their options if the stock value significantly drops. […]

Ted Bauman: Business Expert In The Non-Profit Sector

Everyone can live a life that is less burdened by financial issues. There are resources available and Banyan Hill Publishers editor Ted Bauman wants to make sure everyone in the United States knows what options are available to them. The Washington D.C. native made the decision to move to South Africa when he was young […]

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- Providing Better Emergency Room Care Services

Studies have proved that the main problem experiencing healthcare industry globally today is the misuse of the emergency departments. Most of the hospital complains of over usage of emergency departments for non-urgent care. The survey done in 2016 showed that over third of Americans patients prefer going direct to the emergency rooms even for minor […]

Shervin Pishevar Is A Social Figure In Silicon Valley But His Recent Tweets Abut The Valley Aren’t That Socially Acceptable There

Everybody knows Shervin Pishevar in Silicon Valley. His name comes up when investors talk about Uber, Airbnb, Postmates, Warby Parker, and Tumblr. Some Silicon Valley executives think Shervin Pishevar is in the same league as George Soros and other big-name hedge fund investors. But not everyone agrees with the Shervin Pishevar that went on a […]

The Role Of David McDonald At OSI Group

Since the break of the millennium, OSI Group has been riding on a tremendous growth path. One person who has been part of this journey is David McDonald. He has worked at OSI Group for the past three decades, starting as a project manager and now president and Chief Operating Officer of the company. OSI […]