Brazil’s Investing Industry Has Been heavily Influenced By Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has a reputation as one of the most accomplished and wealthy investors out of Brazil. For more than twenty years, Igor has been working in the Brazilian markets with a tremendous amount of success. Brazil is Igor’s home, born in 1947 in Parana. He managed to graduate from university back in 1970, earning his economics degree. This was the start of his career because right after he managed to find a job working for an investment bank.

By 1974, Igor Cornelsen found himself at Multibanco where he was invited to join the board of directors. By 1976, Igor was offered a position as Chief Executive Officer for the same company. A couple of years later, this company was acquired by Bank of America and Igor moved on to another company to make use of his skills as an investor. Over the years, Igor worked for several different companies, finding himself climbing the ranks easily wherever he went with his hard work ethic. It wasn’t until 1995 that Igor finally gave up working for other companies and decided to start up his own since he had the experience and the funding.

After leaving Merchant Bank in 1995, Igor started up his very own investment company. This was the clear choice for a starting company since Igor had spent more than two decades working in the industry already. With a deep understanding of the inner workings of an investment agency, Igor successfully grew his company and acts as the CEO and manager at Bainbridge today.

Igor Cornelsen is a dedicated worker and has been for several decades. Even to this day, Igor starts his days out early, taking a good look at the markets to see how they are turning. Networking is always an important aspect of investing, which is how Igor spends a good portion of his day, consulting with other professionals. Igor is keen to ignore bias and opinions when it comes to investing since it is a primary way for investors to lose their money by following false advice.

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