The Real –Estate Market in Brazil on the Rise with José AuriemoNeto

The growing population in Brazil has triggered different economic growth patterns and one of them is in the real-estate industry. As the growth in the number of people continues to rise, the demand for accommodation is equally realizing a similar growth. This is why companies such JHSF have moved in with speed to deliver this great need and satisfy the demand for housing. JHSF has been in the industry for a while now and the company enjoys a great deal of consumer confidence in the market. This is so considering the high number of contracts that the company has signed currently. The company has ongoing projects and some extremely luxurious completed ones. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Since the 90s when José AuriemoNeto joined the company, he has been instrumental on key decisions that have helped the company realize the growth it has today. José AuriemoNeto is the current CEO who has propelled JHSF to great heights. He is said to be brains behind the company’s major achievements and his drive to help the company realize its objectives is quite compelling. The passionate CEO is a graduate of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University and his entrepreneurial skills are seemingly paying off in his current job. Neto is one of the leading CEO’s in the real-estate market leading his company to become one of the most sought after construction partners in the Brazilian market.

One of the most prominent projects by the JHSF is the ParqueCidadeJardim mall, seen as the greatest mall in Brazil. Insiders attribute the success of this mall to the persistent nature of Neto. When his father was the company’s president, he was not so sure about taking up the project but Neto pushed and persuaded him to take it up. There are other several daring projects that Neto has influenced the decision makers at JFSH to pursue and they have all been successful. Being a seasoned investor, Neto has proved himself to be a formidable force to beat in the real-estate industry. He is admired in Brazil and the world over for his commitment to quality and authentic designs.

The Inspirational Life of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur from the city of Dallas, Texas. He is known for working with other successful people to help young people and the inexperienced realize success. His recent involvement in this initiative is with another entrepreneur called Lynne Sipiora and they are currently involved in a project called Spark Tank initiative. With this organization, Spark Tank donates grants and mentors other people in the society such as non-profit organizations on how to succeed. The Sparks Tank initiative is open to philanthropic groups within and they will receive a $5,000 grant that they will use in their endeavors to change the society they live in.


The second Spark Tank initiative was won by the Mommies in Need. Marc Sparks released this statement during a press conference and said he was honored to have changed the lives of people in one way or the other. He said that Mommies in Need was awarded as it cared for families that cannot afford caregivers for their children. The organization is known to offer these services without charging the families. On their part, they said that they were honored to have been named the winners. The organization said that it would use the funds to hire a bilingual nanny who will also be trained to handle the needs of children with special needs. This information was released by Natalie Boyle who is the founder and chief executive officer of this institution.


However, Marc Sparks said that for organizations to qualify for this grant, they must be two years old and fall under the 501c3 category. His initiate provides participants with 10 minutes to explain their idea. This is then followed by a 10-minute questions session by the judging panel. Among the judges who sit on this panel is the man himself, Marc Sparks. Learn more:


Outside philanthropy, Marc Sparks runs his businesses in telecommunications where he has a special interest. For instance, he has stakes in Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom as well as Blue Jay Wireless. He is a man of many portfolios that range from business solutions, venture capitalism, and real estate. At the moment, he serves as the chief executive officer of an institution called Timber Creek Capital. The entrepreneur is also a writer and publisher. Mark Sparks has published a book called They Can’t Eat You to talk about success. Despite failing in high school, Marc Sparks managed to beat all odds and succeed in life.