Roberto Santiago Reveals Secrets behind Manaira’s Massive Success

Businesses in Brazil have suffered moments of economic crisis in the recent times, which has resulted in significant drop in profit margins for most businesses. While most of these firms were crying foul of the worsening business environment, shopping malls seem to have devised means of absorbing the shock. A recent study conducted by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers pointed out that business activity in shopping malls remains unaffected with some malls growing by the day. Read more on

About Manaira Shopping Mall

One such shopping mall is the Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall, which thrives even in the challenging business environment and continues to expand each year. The mall, which opened the doors in 1989, has been the talk of the town for years now. It has become a reference when it comes to entertainment, shopping, and Brazilian delicacies and even in other social amenities.

The mall is located in the North East of Brazil, and it is one of the five largest commercial centers in the region. The Manaira shopping mall has become a favorite of most people in the capital city of Joao Pessoa where it is located. The mall also receives shoppers from across the country and also international travelers visiting Brazil.

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping features several entertainment joints with the most modern movie theater that display the most recent movies using modern technology. These theaters are also equipped with modern equipment, party room, bowling alley, electronic games, and music academies. Manaira shopping mall also has numerous other facilities such as banks and even a university.

Manaira shopping mall has undergone more than five expansions since it was established by the Brazilian investor, Roberto Santiago in 1989. The mall has been very instrumental in the growth of the region by bringing a lot of visitors who usually come to shop and have fun. Other small businesses have been established in the neighborhood, and they are doing well.

Manaira shopping mall is strategically situated in the center of the beaches of the north coast in the city of Joao Pessoa. It has 280 stores with an average of 75,000sq meters of Gross Lettable area. What makes the mall stand out from the other shopping centers in the region is its versatility. Roberto Santiago built the mall with the picture of a family in his mind. It was planned to guarantee the satisfaction of the whole family. Visit for more info.

Roberto’s contribution to the mall

Roberto Santiago, who has been in the business for more than three decades now, has been very instrumental in ensuring that the mall is valuable to the modern shopper. He has reinvented the mall severally to keep up with the needs of modern-day buyers. The reinvention has helped to keep them in business with the mall performing better than other shopping enterprises in the region.