Thoughts of Oncology by Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blgosklonny is a renowned scientist in the field of Aging as well as cancer. It is for this reason that he is the reason that he is certified Oncology Professor at the Roswell Park Institute of Cancer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine which he obtained from the Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he underwent his studies. This is in addition to having a Ph.D. from the same institution in the field of Environmental Medicine and Cardiology. He became an associate professor of medicine in the year 2002 at the Medical College of New York which is located in Valhalla, New York. Later on, he proceeded to work as a senior scientist in Ordway Research Institute. In the year 2009, Mikhail became the Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he served earlier on at a different level. He became an outstanding professor due to the knowledge, skills, and experience he had obtained earlier on in the variety of places. He had some research interests which protects the well-working cells from damage.


He is currently working as the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget as well as Cell Cycle. Also, he is the associate editor for cancer therapy and biology. He is also a member of the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. He established a hypothesis in line with TOR Signaling potential task regarding cancer and aging. He facilitated his proposal through the use of Rapamycin which is a common drug useful in cancer treatment. He proposed it as a potential handling for lie extension. It is for this reason that Mikhail Blagosklonny is among the leading passionate supporters of Rapamycin in sustainable research. The research by Mikhail varies from molecular and cellular biology to clinical studies. It primarily consists of oncogenesis, cell cycle, apoptosis as well as anticancer therapeutics.

Mikhail is a writer of the theory of aging hyperfunction. He is also an author of chemotherapeutic engineering as well as cell cyclotherapy. Mikhail is famous for his outstanding oncological interest. He is a believer in the possibility of controlling cancer and aging as well as the fact that there is a cure for cancer and thus proposed the utilization of Rapamycin. The secret behind being among the leading successful researchers in the world is behind his commitment, love for humanity, hard work and the aspiration to have a community free of diseases. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Mikhail is an excellent writer for having written book chapters, reviews, and about 300 research articles whose publishing is done under his name. Mikhail Blgosklonny currently serves as an associate editor for International Cancer Journal, PLOS ONE, and the American Pathology Journal.