David McDonald: Accomplished COO of OSI and Philanthropist

David McDonald is proof that it doesn’t necessarily matter where you come from when it comes to your career. As a farmer in northeast Iowa, it was nearly impossible to predict that he would become the long-running chief operating officer of one of the largest food manufacturing and processing companies in the United States and the world. The Iowa State University graduate has been with OSI Group for 3 decades and continues to be a large part of their continued growth. Even if people are unfamiliar with the company that David McDonald helps lead it’s very likely that they have eaten their products in the last month. One of their largest clients is the multinational food chain McDonald’s who they have been supplying even when they were just a few franchise locations.

The success of David McDonald and OSI Group is largely impacted that the growth that the 2 companies have shared as they expanded with the fast-food chain in order to maintain their position as a trusted hamburger supplier. The work of David McDonald has helped in the efforts of OSI as they expanded their business in China. With a degree in animal science, he is knowledgeable about many aspects of the logistics behind food production. He has worked with people from many different parts of the industry including retailers, local suppliers, and government agencies both within the United States and an international level.

His business skills are not the only thing that has brought David McDonald attention. He frequently takes part in different philanthropy efforts in order to give back to the community and to help aspiring students achieve their goals in business after graduation. He is known to offer different opportunities in the form of internships and monetary donations to the scholarship fund of the Alpha Gamma Rho society to Iowa State University students. The Young Alumni Award was granted to McDonald by the Iowa State University Alumni Association in 2003 for his activism work for the organization. Among other awards that he has earned was the Emerging Philanthropist Award that was given to McDonald in 2014 that was presented by the ISU Foundation.

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