Departing President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco

During his 75 years with Bradesco, the 91-year old had become one of the most powerful bankers in the country and had served as the advisor of several of its presidents. His final and official resignation ceremony was witnessed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Denise Aguiar Alvarez, João Aguiar Alvarez, Milton Matsumoto, José Alcides Munhoz and Aurelio Conrado Boni.

Bradesco Bank was originally founded by Amador Aguiar in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is the second largest bank in the country, with 28 million individual customers and 4.5 million client companies. Late last year, Lazaro Brandao, who had served as chairman of the bank’s board since 1990, unexpectedly tendered his resignation.

Afterward, the official resignation was announced to the bank’s 150 executives. His vacated position was filled by Bradesco’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco both chairman of the board and company president positions until this past March. At that time he was formally replaced as company president by Octavio de Lazari Junior during the ordinary general meeting. The 54-year-old, Lazari has been working for Bradesco since he was 15-years-old. During early years as a teenage employee, he fully intended that his job at Bradesco would be temporary and that he would go on to pursue a career as a professional football player.


However, in the end, he decided to make Bradesco his career and to get as high in management as he could. Nevertheless, he never imagined that he would one day become president of the entire company. His leadership role at Bradesco began in the late 90s when he was made the director of its credit department. In 2010 he was promoted to director of the department of loans and financing. In 2016 he was made one of the companies seven vice presidents and the president of its branch, Bradesco Seguros Group.

He has since led Seguros to greatly raise its yearly profitability. He thought that becoming one of the company’s vice presidents was as high as he would go. But then, during the recent leadership shuffle, the board decided to choose among the seven of them. And, of course, they landed their decision on him. In this top position, Lazari has said that he fully intends to build on the enduring leadership legacy left by Trabuco according to One of his main objectives is a revolutionizing of the company’s extant pension plan.

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