Doe Deere Staying True to Her Dream Still

Maybe it’s the color of her hair. It could be the unicorn status that she holds, which is a good thing by the way. No matter what it is, everyone in the cosmetics world knows how good she is at sharing her passions for colorful make-up. She’s really good at it. It’s all about rainbow colors and unicorn.s In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, unicorns rule. She knows that and shows her inner unicorn through her products and personal looks. We are talking about the queen of those colorful things, Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


She has shown publicly her love of all things unicorns and rainbows, but the best part of this amazing woman is her passion for quality cosmetics. She is good at it and it shows. Her make-up is super pigmented. It lasts too. The best part of her company though is her passion and dedication to always providing cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free in their creation and ingredients. Like the ever-popular Lush company, this is one business that has blazed a trail which we all have to admire.


Her Vision


In a recent interview with an online news show, Doe Deere said that she started with the love of the above-listed things and just vowed to be herself. She stayed true to that passion and created one of her first cosmetic products. She dubbed it Blue Unicorn lipstick. It was amazing how much that little creation took over the cosmetics world. She is now one of the greats in the cosmetic world. Considering she is compared to Lush, that’s pretty amazing. Most of the great entrepreneurs start with that small spark and do what they love. That’s her real secret to success.


Her Goals Now


She says that her goal is to now stay true to that original dream and maintain the best products in her own creative way. She’s doing really well so far. It’s exciting to see what her new creations will be this next year. Learn more:


She supports women in business. She has been actively helping other women get into the business. It’s a little-known part of Doe Deere’s life through her entrepreneurial spirit of fostering women in business. That spirit goes throughout her staff and business as well. Doe Deere is one inspirational woman. She’s so fun too. those colors though. It’s just too fun.


Beauty Beliefs


She focuses on discovering what is inside of the person. There’s no real one look for anybody. Each person is unique. She has shared this in several interviews. It is inspiring in a world where so many people conform to a norm of beauty. Doe Deere has created a line of cosmetics which not only look amazing and are highly pigmented and fun, but she also helps customers of her colorful line stay true to their own beauty inside. Which is what make-up is supposed to be all about. It’s about what is on the inside.

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