Dr. Saad Endoscope Suction-Irrigation Device Improves Pre-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Saad Saad is highly appreciated due to his second innovation that changed the way doctors used to assess the body of the patient before conducting the necessary treatment. Doctors have for an extended period used endoscopes to view inside the body of the patient so that they can have some information about the inside of the body before conducting any surgery. An endoscope is an optical device that uses a magnifying lens to see through various openings in the body. For example, a doctor can see the inside of the body through the use of multiple openings such as through the windpipe, through the throat or even through the bladder.


Although the endoscope optical device has proved for an extended period to be the most critical equipment used in viewing the inside of the body without conducting a body scan, it has been reported to have a significant number of challenges that reduce its efficiency. Our bodies contain a substantial proportion of fluids which can either be in the form of water, blood, dissolved food particles and sometimes waste products. These fluids cover the lens of the endoscope preventing the doctor to view the inside of the body. Dr. Saad recognized this problem and developed a strategy that could avoid any blockage of the lenses.


Due to the fog forming on the lenses, the doctor could not see what he/she wanted to see clearly. This forced the doctors to remove the endoscope, wipe it, and start the procedure of inserting the endoscope once again and move up to where he/she was. Dr. Saad developed a suction-irrigation device that has the primary role of removing the fog forming on the lenses of the endoscope. Through the innovation, doctors don’t have to remove the endoscope from the body to wipe it; they are just required to activate the suction-irrigation device that will rinse all the fluids away making the lens clear.


The use of catheter has also been a huge challenge to the medical doctors in their surgical operations. These devices which are used for a myriad of purposes in the medical sector have to be inserted into the bodies of the individuals under treatment especially during surgery. Traditionally, they have been using guide wires to insert catheters into the bodies. However, the guide wires could sometimes tear while still in the patients’ bodies hence causing health complications. Locating the catheter once it has been inserted into the bodies was still another challenge because the only methods that were available were the X-rays and the MRI. Dr. Saad Saad invented a new form of a catheter that will be using electromagnetic power to find its location. This will save the patients the agony of worrying about possible health complications. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

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