How Doe Deere Built a Beauty Empire

Doe Deere was recently featured in an outstanding article that can be found on The article followed the growth of her company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a highly unique makeup line that features eyeshadows, lipsticks, hair color, highlighters and more. The brand prides itself on having a look and style that feels like something magical, or something out of a fairy tale. In fact, Doe Deere chose the name Lime Crime because it reminded her of something you might read in a fairy tale. She has always been a fans of all things relating to fairy tales and loved how the name rhymed, similar to fairy tales that typically have rhyming for no reason. She states in the article that one of her favorite – and one of the most popular – shades of lipstick is called Airborne Unicorn, which is another great rhyme.


Doe Deere looks like something out of a fairytale. She can often be seen with colorful dyed hair in the brightest and most bold shades and lipstick to match. She has completely porcelain skin that she paints with bright colors and sparkly highlighters. In the article she can be seen in a gorgeous picture with bright blue hair and her signature bold, red lip. She is holding a doll that replicates her exact look. She is absolutely stunning and looks a bit doll-like herself.


I learned a lot about Doe Deere and Lime Crime from the article. For example, I had no idea that the company was originally meant to sell clothing. I also learned that when Lime Crime was launched, Doe Deere was studying to be a fashion designer. She questioned if it was her true calling in life and felt like something was simply missing from her career. She started making her own makeup for personal use and quickly found out that women everywhere adored her look and wanted to purchase similar products.


She began selling lipsticks on an eBay store. Her items were very popular and were soon selling faster than she could make them. This was the moment that Lime Crime became a true business and she launched a full e-commerce website and began to put a team together to she could put out a higher volume of products.


Lime Crime quickly became a success. Throughout the company’s growth Doe Deere never strayed from her company mission to use only the highest quality products and to ensure that everything she put out was vegan and that nothing was ever tested on animals. She has never strayed from this mission. In fact, Lime Crime is approved by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Association to this day. She grew the brand to offer eyeshadows, highlighters and more.


In the article, she says that her biggest obstacle was to choose a lab that aligned with her values and mission for Lime Crime. She said she never wanted to stray from her key values and she never has. She eventually found the lab with chemists who understood the mission of Lime Crime and is now putting out more beauty products than ever.


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