Luiz Carlos Trabuco – A Dependable Leader

Bradesco made it publicly known that Octavio De Lazari Junior, President and Vice President of Banco Bradesco and Bradesco Seguros respectively, will take over the duties of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as President of Banco Bradesco.

The announcement said that the appointment of Octavio De Lazari Junior is supported by the formal procedures of nomination and succession that was recommended by the Succession and Appointment Committee of the company. The announcement further stated that De Lazari’s excellent personal qualities have been acknowledged and is considered above reproach and is by the renewal and continuity that is needed to maintain the bank’s well-known standing within the international and national financial state of affairs.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will finish his term and the Banks Chairman of the Boards of Executive Directors up to the primary Board Meeting that shall occur after the General Meeting on March 12, 2018. In an interview with Luiz Carlos Trabuco on, he commented that the procedure of selecting and announcing his would be successor had a timetable which will be finished by March 2018 with the AGO. He also remarked that he did not want to elaborate more on the specifics of the matter since the management had a schedule prior to the assembly to make a suggestion to the council of the board.

The anticipated date when Banco Bradesco will announce its next President was before the Carnival in Brazil. While talking to the press in Davos, Luiz Carlos Trabuco revealed that the deadline for the announcement of his replacement would be February 10, 2018.

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Octavio De Lazari Junior will oversee Brazil’s second-biggest private bank that has around R$493 billion in credit portfolio and R$1.3 trillion in assets. The following were likewise good contenders for the position of president: Marcelo Noronha of the from the cards and investment bank, Josue Pancini the head of the agency network, Alexandre Gluher from the Investor Relations Department, and Mauricio Minas, who oversees the technology department.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’ s term had been prolonged because the required age of the President for Banco Bradesco which was less than 65 has been increased to less than 67 years of age during September 2016. However, during that time it was not practical to appoint a successor for the President since Marco Antonio Rossi died and Lazaro Brandao resigned his post.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working at Banco Bradesco as clerk when he was just seventeen years old. He held many positions within the bank. He became a Department Director in 1984, he was selected as a Managing Officer in 1998, elected as an Executive Vice President in 1999, and in 2009 he was designated as the bank’s President.

During Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s term as president of Banco Bradesco, the bank has doubled with a market share of 25%. And this was because of his effort s in the acquisition of HSBC Brasil in 2015. His years in the bank have served the institution well, and it is a legacy that Octavio De Lazari Junior intends to follow through within his term.

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