Mike Baur Co Founds New Company

Mike Baur is a former banking professional, investor and current entrepreneur. He is the co founder of the company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Baur founded the company a few years ago to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential in terms of building a successful company. Mike has been able to build this into a successful company in only a few short years. Baur has used his experience in both banking and investing in order to help provide business owners with the knowledge they need in order to grow and expand their businesses. Before Mike was involved in entrepreneurship, he invested in numerous startup companies. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked in business banking where he would assist businesses in financial affairs.


When Mike first started his career, he worked in the field of banking. He worked in the business aspect of banking and helped entrepreneurs with tasks such as arranging financing. He would regularly sit down with entrepreneurs and discuss their financial needs and overall business objectives. On a regular basis, Mike would provide advice on how to manage funds as well as get loans so that these companies can reach their startup and expansion goals. Baur would have a very long and rewarding career in banking that would last for over two decades. He would then move on to pursue other opportunities.


After Mike worked in banking for twenty years, he would then get more involved in startup businesses. Baur began investing in new companies that were just beginning to start up. Mike would invest his funds into these companies and then earn part of the profits. This proved to be a very lucrative business for Mike as he would make big returns on a regular basis. As a successful business investor, Mike would then look to move on to entrepreneurship. He worked as an investor for approximately ten years.


In the mid-2010s, Mike Baur started up a company called Swiss Startup Factory. This company specializes in providing business owners with advice and guidance on a number of business-related issues. Baur would provide assistance to businesses by helping them make improvements in managerial operations, marketing campaigns and also the development of products. He would also provide them with financial advice as well. His company works by holding an event where entrepreneurs pitch their business idea and then Mike chooses a business to serve.


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