Sheldon Lavin


Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and the chief Executive Officer of the OSI group. He also currently serves as the president of OSI foods international Ltd, LLC. Sheldon joined meat industry approximately 43 years ago and has a tremendous performance in this sector. He became the chairman and CEO of the OSI group and since then he converted the organization into an international food supply corporation.He gained much experience and professionalism in industrial development in 1970.

Sheldon Lavin was involved in offering financial aid in Otto and Sons which ultimately developed into OSI group. Through hard work and dedication Sheldon Lavin managed to help in the growth of the OSI group into an international company. The company therefore can brag for having more than 60 locations across 60 different countries with a workforce of over 20,000 personnel worldwide. Sheldon Lavin has been an outstanding entrepreneur and in recognition of his dedication to his work he has been awarded major vital awards. This includes, The Global Visionary award that he was given by India’s Vision World Academy on 20th February 2016. Through persistence, perseverance and his dedication to the OSI group, the company has received numerous awards under his watch.

Some of the awards gifted to the company include the Globe of Honor Award given by the British Safety Council. Sheldon Lavin has also greatly helped in the expansion of the company’s operations through the entire world. He has greatly impacted in the growth of the food and beverage industry by formulating proper solutions in the industry. His fruitful efforts were recognized by Forbes by ranking OSI group as the 66th company in beverage food market and named it as the leading firm in the universe.He is therefore one of the leading entrepreneurs and an inspiration to many future generations. His achievements are countless and his impeccable administration strategies have earned him the admiration and respect he deserves.

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