The life and Charitable contributions of Besty DeVos

Arguably, the family from which Besty DeVos comes from is one of the most charitable families in the United States of America. This is due to the long tradition the family has kept alive through its many generations that now dates back more than a century. The family’s charitable acts have for a long time focused its’ giving towards political courses. Besty DeVos, on the other hand, deviated from that trend, focused her giving towards education and helping the community in general but together they have given out more than $ 1.33 billion dollars. This has led to her being credited with an ability to innovate when trying to solve issues being faced in the community so that each and every person gets their rights accorded to them.

Her involvement with issues facing her community has in a way made her a leader in her own rights and as such she has had the opportunity to work in many leadership positions. Besty DeVos for example is was the chair of the board of directors for The Philanthropy Roundtable and also she was the chair of the American Federation for Children. In addition to this, she also had the opportunity to as a member of various many other local and national boards and had an opportunity to horn her skills as an impeccable leader. Some of the boards she worked in include the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the American Enterprise Institute, DeVos Institute for Arts Management and last but not least the ArtPrize.

As a very valuable and prized philanthropist, Besty Devos has for many years held various charitable social gatherings and events with the aim of raising additional funds towards good courses. Such events have given her the opportunity to loud her advocacy towards improving the state of the education sector in America. Her activeness as a selfless philanthropist has had her husband rally up behind her in support for the good she does in the society and together they have contributed quite a lot of money towards bringing new reforms in the educational sector.

The year 2015 saw Besty DeVos and her husband give some sizable amounts of money to many other charitable organizations which also support reforming the educational sector. One such Organisation includes the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts where they both donated $ 250,000 dollars. Other donations to various organizations include a $ 1.8 million dollars donation to the Xprize Foundation, a $ 305,000 dollar donation to the Boy Scouts of America, and a $ 400,000 donation to the ArtPrize GrandRaids foundation. In total both their donations going towards education alone that year was $ 3 million dollars. This contribution accounted for 26% of the sum total donations they gave that year.


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