The Proliferate Level of Education at Rocketship Education

For many years, the school purposes to improve the development of the community in giving the most outstanding level of education. Rocketship Education started in a church in San Jose, California. The school serves children from the less fortunate families. We use modernized methods to administer skillfulness in our students in various areas of life. We believe in our performance since students always come back for more education in our facilities despite having opportunities to join higher district schools. Also, parents encourage others to bring their children to Rocketship. The recent study showing that over 80 percent recommended the school to other parents. Similarly, more than 50 percent of the guardians to whom school got recommended joined the facilities. We hold a protocol that students should not get a retest as a response to their performance. We value our trust from the parents and intends to work closely with them for a brighter future for the students.

It is true that we embrace the use of the modern technology to develop the skills of the students. However, we extend to further advancement in instilling characters for the learners. We value the interest of the students as well as their families. We have teacher-students’ home-based mode of leaning replacing the teacher-students’ class-based technique. The inter-relationship with the families promotes understanding to serve the Rocketeers correctly. We engage the power of the public to hold our leaders accountable for quality education through the parent leadership programs.

Students at Rocketship Education have ample time to associate, dance together, interact, and have time to rest their mind for proper concentration. The teachers should set their mind state in such a manner to accommodate our mode and practices. The skillfulness and the mindset of the educators enable adequate learning environment. No matter how educated the teacher can be, they have to undertake training to give relevant feedback on the student-teacher relationship. We offer enrollment on the bases on the student’s readiness to pursue a quality education. To fetch a collective success, we alliance with numerous bodies like the financing boards, public agencies, and authorized school board.

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